"Critical Theory Revisited: The Intertwining of Exploitation and Domination"

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"Critical Theory Revisited: The Intertwining of Exploitation and Domination"
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March 1st - 2nd 2018

"Critical Theory Revisited: The Intertwining of Exploitation and Domination"


Hosted by the Centre of Advanced Studies "Justitia Amplificata" in coperation with the Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders".


Normative Orders Building (Max-Horkheimer-Straße 2, 60323), 5th Floor, Seminar Room


Thursday, March 1st

12.30-13.00 Registration

13.00-14.15 Session 1

Lea Ypi (LSE): "On Dominated Dominators”

Commentator: Rainer Forst (GU)

Chair: Dimitrios Efthymiou (GU)


BREAK 14.15-14.45


14.45-16.00 Session 2

Speaker: Dimitrios Efthymiou (GU): "Exploitation, Domination and Fraternity" 

Commentator: Anahi Wiedenbrug (LSE)

Chair: Rainer Forst (GU)


BREAK 16.00-16.30  


16.30-17.45 Session 3

Speaker: Nicholas Vrousalis (Leiden): “Reclaiming Domination" 

Commentator: Darrel Moellendorf (GU)

Chair: Lea Ypi (LSE)


BREAK 17.45-18.15


18.15-19.30 Session 4 

Speaker: Dorothea Gädeke (GU): “Against Interactional Domination. Why Domination is Structurally Instituted"

Commentator: Bruno Leipold (GU)

Chair: Nicholas Vrousalis (Leiden)



Friday, March 2nd

10.00-11.15 Session 5

Speaker: Tamara Jugov (FU): "Interpersonal and Structural Exploitation: A Domination-Based Conception"

Commentator: Brian Milstein (GU)

Chair: Mirjam Müller (Humboldt) 


BREAK 11.15-11.45 


11.45-13.00 Session 6

Speaker: Pablo Gilabert (Concordia): "Exploitation, Power, and Solidarity"

Commentator: Jakob Huber (GU) 

Chair: Julius Sensat (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)


BREAK  13.00-14.30


14.30-15.45 Session 7

Speaker: Julius Sensat (Wisconsin-Milwaukee): “Estrangement and Exploitation” 

Commentator: Nate Adams (GU)

Chair: Pablo Gilabert (Concordia)


BREAK 15.45-16.15


16.15-17.30 Session 8

Speaker: Mirjam Müller (Humboldt): "What's wrong with sweatshop labour. Exploitation and structural vulnerability in global relations of production."

Commentator: Amy Hondo (GU)

Chair: Tamara Jugov (FU)

Eva Erman (Stockholm University)

“Global Political Legitimacy beyond Justice and Democracy?”

Comment: Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)