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Prof. Neera Chandhoke
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Prof. Neera Chandhoke

University of Delhi  (01. October 2012 - 31. March 2013)

Department of political science, University of Delhi, and Developing Countries Research Centre at the same university

Research topic at Justitia Amplificata: »What is the Relationship between Democracy and Political Violence? The Context of India«

Project outline: I am interested in theorically exploring the relationship between democracy and political violence. The empirical referral of this investigation is India.
Even as we recognise that violence is profoundly dehumanizing and a moral bad, any evaluation of violence will have to take into account both the context and the
objective of violence. And even if we conclude that violence is morally legitimate in certain cases, this particular form of doing politics might not be politically sustainable in a democratic context. These are some of the issues that I wish to address during the period of the fellowship.

Selected Publications:
2012, Contested Secessions: Rights, Democracy, Self-Determination and Kashmir, New Delhi, Oxford University Press

2003, The Conceits of Civil Society, New Delhi, Oxford University Press

1999, Beyond Secularism: The Rights of Religious Minorities, New Delhi Oxford University Press 

1995, State And Civil Society: Explorations in Political Theory, New Delhi, Sage