Konferenz: "Legitimacy Beyond the State: Normative and Conceptual Questions"

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Konferenz: "Legitimacy Beyond the State: Normative and Conceptual Questions"
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January 12 & 13 2017

Konferenz: "Legitimacy Beyond the State: Normative and Conceptual Questions"



Nathan Adams, Antoinette Scherz and Cord Schmelzle


Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Bad Homburg


Thursday January 12th

13:30-14.00 – Registration/ Welcome Drink

 Session 1

Chair: Rainer Forst (Director of Justitia Amplificata)

14.00 Michael Zürn (WZB: Berlin Social Science Center)
         “Legitimation Problems in Global Governance”
         Comment: Anna Meine (University of Siegen)

15.15-15.35 Coffee Break

15.35 Antoinette Scherz (Justitia Amplificata) and Alain Zysset (University of Oslo)
         “The UN Security Council, Normative Legitimacy and the Challenge of Specificity”
         Comment: Jens Steffek (TU Darmstadt)

16.55-17.15 Coffee Break

17.15 Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)
         “The Arbitrary Circumscription of the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court”
         Comment: Luise Müller (Free University Berlin)

18:30 End

Friday January 13th

Session 2
Chair: Stefan Gosepath (Director of Justitia Amplificata)

10.00 Nate Adams (Justitia Amplificata)
         "Legitimacy and Institutional Purpose "
         Comment: Caleb Yong (Justitia Amplificata)

11.15-11.45 Coffee Break

11.45 Rainer Forst (Justitia Amplificata)
         “Legitimacy, Democracy, and Justice: On the Reflexivity of Normative Orders”
         Comment: Enzo Rossi (University of Amsterdam)

13.00-14.00 - Lunch

Session 3
Chair: Dimitris Efthymiou (Justitia Amplificata)

14.00 Carmen Pavel (King’s College London)
         “The International Rule of Law”
          Comment: Luke Ulas (University of Durham)

15.15-15.35 Coffee Break

15.35 Eva Erman (Stockholm University)
         “A systemic approach to the political legitimacy of global governance institutions”
         Comment: Daniel Jacob (Free University Berlin)

16.55-17.15 Coffee Break

17.15 Cord Schmelzle (Free University Berlin)
         “The Legitimacy of Occupational Authority and the jus post bellum”
         Comment: Andreas Cassee (Free University Berlin)

18.30 Special issue planning

19:00 End







Eva Erman (Stockholm University)

“Global Political Legitimacy beyond Justice and Democracy?”

Comment: Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)