Conference: “Localizing and Globalizing Justice“

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Conference: “Localizing and Globalizing Justice“
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September 29 - 30 2017

Conference: “Localizing and Globalizing Justice“

Conference: “Localizing and Globalizing Justice“

Sponsored by the Research Group on Global Justice (RGGJ), Yan P. Lin Centre, McGill University


Co-sponsored by the Center for Advanced Studies Justitia Amplificata (JA), Goethe University Frankfurt and Free University Berlin




Catherine Lu (McGill)



McGill University, Thomson House Ballroom, McGill University, Montreal, Canada




Friday, September 29, 2017


9:30-10:45  Panel 1

Chair: Yves Winter (McGill)

Paper : Defending Young on Global Structural Responsibility

Presenter: Valentin Beck (Freie U Berlin/Justitia Amplificata)

Discussant: Ryoa Chung (U de Montreal)


10:45-11:00 Break


11:00-12:15 Panel 2

Chair: Peter Dietsch (U de Montreal)

Paper: Climate Justice for Nonhuman Animals

Presenter: Angie Pepper (U de Montreal/CRE)

Discussant: Hasana Sharp (McGill)


12:15-13:30 Break


13:30-14:35 Panel 3

Chair: Stefan Gosepath (Freie U Berlin/Justitia Amplificata)

Paper: What’s Really Wrong with Annexation: A Non-Domination Account

Presenter: Amandine Catala (UQAM)

Discussant:  Natalie Stoljar (McGill)


14:35-14:45 Break


14:45-16:00 Panel 4

Chair: Melissa Williams (University of Toronto)

Paper: Rule of law engagement with informal justice systems: An interactional model

Paper: Mohamed Sesay (McGill)

Discussant: Fernando Nuñez-Mietz (McGill)


Saturday, September 30, 2017


10:00-12:15 Panel 5

Chair: Catherine Lu (McGill)

Papers/chapters from book manuscript: Kant, Du Bois, and Cosmopolitanism in a New Color

Chapter 2: Kant’s Cosmopolitan Principles: A Duboisian Radicalization of Contemporary Readings

Chapter 4: Identity, Nationalism, and a Cosmopolitan Public Sphere

Presenter: Inés Valdez (Ohio State University/Princeton)

Discussants: Arash Abizadeh (McGill), Catherine Lu (McGill)


12:15-13:30 Break


13:30-14:45 Panel 6

Chair: Melissa Williams (University of Toronto)

Paper: Understanding Human Dignity as a Plurally Justified Normative Surplus

Presenter: Stefan Gosepath (Freie U Berlin/NYU)

Discussant: Katharina Nieswandt (Concordia)


14:45-15:00 Break


15:00-16:15 Panel 7

Chair: Amandine Catala (UQAM)

Paper: ‘Place’ as Politics and the Standing of EU Citizens in post-Brexit UK

Presenter: Jakob Huber (Goethe U Frankfurt/Justitia Amplificata)

Discussant: Inés Valdez (OSU/Princeton)



Eva Erman (Stockholm University)

“Global Political Legitimacy beyond Justice and Democracy?”

Comment: Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)