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Dr Nathan Adams
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Dr Nathan Adams

Former Research Fellow, GU Frankfurt am Main

Nathan has a BA in Biochemistry, an MA in Philosophy, and most recently completed his PhD in Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis. In his dissertation "Evidential Modern Political Authority," he articulated and defended a novel account of political authority that focuses on how subjects can be made vulnerable to punishment for disobeying commands. In the 2014-15 academic year he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech, teaching moral, political, and legal philosophy.

Nathan's research interests begin at the intersection of issues of justice, authority, legitimacy, and sovereignty, and expand outwards. He is currently developing his theory of authority and legitimacy with two main aims: first, at the domestic level, articulating a novel, more nuanced, and more plausible understanding of the moral status of modern nation-states and second, applying his theory to international political institutions.


"Institutional Legitimacy," The Journal of Political Philosophy. (forthcoming)

"Uncivil Disobedience: Political Commitment and Violence," Res Publica. (forthcoming)

"In Defense of Content-Independence," Legal Theory. (forthcoming)

"The Relational Conception of Practical Authority," Law and Philosophy. (forthcoming)