Dr Jonathan Trejo-Mathys

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Dr Jonathan Trejo-Mathys
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Dr Jonathan Trejo-Mathys

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Jonathan Trejo-Mathys received his doctorate in December 2009 from Northwestern University for his dissertation, "Inheritance, Sovereignty and Promise: Authority and Obligation in an Age of Global Transformations".

He works on the topics of political authority, political obligation and transnational or global politics from the standpoint of contemporary critical-democratic theory in the tradition of the Frankfurt School.

He has published articles and reviews in journals such as "Civitas" and "Philosophy and Social Criticism." His translation of Hartmut Rosa's "Social Acceleration: The Transformation of Time in Modernity" is forthcoming from Columbia University Press. He is currently working on a book manuscript that is based on and further develops the argument of his dissertation.

After his stay at Justitia Amplificata Jonathan Trejo-Mathys has been offered a position as Assistant Professor at Boston College.