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Dr Jiewuh Song
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Dr Jiewuh Song

Research topic

»Justifiable Relations Among Non-Co-Citizens«

Project outline

I examine three normative problems in global politics, in the areas of human rights, trade, and extraterritorial jurisdiction over violations of international law. All three problems require evaluating claims against the imposition of global institutional rules on national societies, on the one hand, and claims to increased global regulation to protect individuals’ basic interests, on the other. I evaluate these claims by asking how the relevant global rules could be made justifiable to the various actors who must live by these rules. (Jiewuh Song)

Scholarly profile of Jiewuh Song

Jiewuh Song received a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Harvard University in 2013 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2006. Her Ph.D. thesis was titled »Global Institutions and Relations among Non-Co-Citizens«.

Main areas of research

Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Normative Ethics, International Law

Selected publications

  1. »Eleven Years after the Yadana Gas Project«, in: Ilda, Sept. 1, 2009 (in Korean).
  2. »Burma Report« I, II, III, Pressian, June 18, July 27, August 26 2005 (analysis and field report articles drawing on interviews with Burmese residents affected by multinational gas development projects) (in Korean).
  3. »Pirates and Torturers: Universal Jurisdiction as Enforcement Gap-Filling«, forthcoming, Journal of Political Philosophy.