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Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
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Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme is conceived for early-career scholars who wish to pursue postdoctoral research within Justitia Amplificata. Fellows receive a stipend for 12 months and have the opportunity to conduct their research. The Fellowship can be taken up either on the 1st of September or the 1st of October. Postdoctoral Fellows are asked to present their ongoing research to the members of the Centre and at the university, to cooperate with the research activities (including the organization of events close to their research interests), and may have the opportunity to teach a seminar on a topic of their choice.

In addition to the stipend, Fellows receive a travel allowance, and an allowance for family members accompanying the Fellows to Frankfurt.

The Fellows and the Centre enjoy the inviting research facilities of the Goethe University’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Bad Homburg (Forschungskolleg Humannwissenschaften). Located in a scenic park, the Institute offers first-rate office spaces, library services and accommodation, which Fellows can rent, as well as a stimulating and interdisciplinary research environment for scholarship in all fields of the social sciences and the humanities.

Early career-scholars who wish to pursue a research project at Justitia Amplificata while retaining a postdoctoral position at a different institution are asked to apply primarily through the Centre’s Visiting Fellowship Programme, though applications for full Postdoctoral Fellowships may be considered in exceptional cases.

The application consists of CV, Sample, Research Proposal and two (and only two) reference letters. (Please make sure the CV contains following information: birth date, nationality, male or female, address and country, email address, PhD yes/no, thesis subject, detailed teaching experience).

Links to the profiles of current Justitia Amplificata Postdoctoral Fellows can be found on the left.