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Dr Christian Schemmel
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Dr Christian Schemmel

Former Research Fellow

Christian Schemmel has received his D.Phil. in Political Theory from the University of Oxford with a thesis on “Social Justice as Relational Equality”. Before joining JA, he was a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence.

His research interests are theories of justice and equality, global justice and its connection to social justice, self-respect in philosophical and empirical research, and the relationship between theories of justice and different models of welfare state.

Publications include “Luck Egalitarianism as Democratic Reciprocity?” (Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming), “Distributive and Relational Equality” (forthcoming in Politics, Philosophy, Economics 11/1 (2012)), and “Why Relational Egalitarians Should Care About Distributions” (Social Theory and Practice 37/3 (2011)).

Christian is also, together with Ayelet Banai and Miriam Ronzoni, a founding member of The Global Justice Network and a founding editor of Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric.

Christian Schemmel left Justitia Amplificata in September 2013. He has been offered a Lecturer Position at the Manchester Centre for Political Theory in Manchester (MANCEPT).