"Humanity, Reciprocity, and Solidarity"

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"Humanity, Reciprocity, and Solidarity"
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June 25-26, 2015

"Humanity, Reciprocity, and Solidarity"

Presented by: the Centre for Advanced Studies "Justitia Amplificata" and the Normative Orders Research Cluster in cooperation with King's College London and Leibniz Research Group "Transnational Justice"

Workshop Programme


Thursday 25th of June


Session 1: Humanity

14.00-15.30 (Chair Rainer Forst)
Brief Welcome (RF)

Mahmoud Bassiouni (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 1 "Against Dignity"

Stefan Gosepath (Free University Berlin)
Chapter 2 "Moral Equality, Respect, and Cruelty"

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-17.30 (Chair Stefan Gosepath)
John Tasioulas (King's College London)
Chapter 3 "The Concept of Human Rights: The Broad View"

Allen Buchanan (Duke University, University of Arizona, King's College)
Chapter 4 "International Legal Human Rights and Equal Morals Status"

17.30-18.00 Coffee Break

18.00.-19.30 (Chair Allen Buchanan)
Dorothea Gädeke (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 5 "A Case Study: Discrimination"

Rainer Forst (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 6 "Fundamental Rights, Indivisibility, and Hierarchy Among Human Rights"

19:30 Beverages and Buffet in the Lounge of the Normative Orders Building


Friday 26th of June

Session 2: Reciprocity

09.30-11.00 (Chair Tamara Jugov)
Darrel Moellendorf (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 7 "Against Cosmopolitan Globalism and Chapter 8 "Against Liberal Nationalism"

Laura Valentini (LSE)
Chapter 9 "Against Non-Voluntarism"

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 (Chair Darrel Moellendorf)
David Miller (Oxford)
Chapter 10 "Egalitarian Justice, Reciprocity, and the State"

Tamara Jugov (Free University Berlin)
Chapter 11 "Reciprocity: Rebutting the Skeptic"

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Session 3: Solidarity

14.00-15.30 (Chair Antoinette Scherz)
Miriam Ronzoni (University of Manchester)
Chapter 12 "Acting in Solidarity"

Albena Azmanova (University of Kent)
Chapter 13 "Solidarity in the EU: Part 1"

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-17.30 (Chair Nate Adams)
Antoinette Scherz (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 14 "On the Relation Between Legitimacy and Justice: A Framework for the EU"

Dimitris Efthymiou (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Chapter 15 "Solidarity in the EU: Part 2"

17.30-18.00 (Chair Rainer Forst)
Andrea Sangiovanni (King's College London)
Closing Remarks

19.30 Conference Dinner