Konferenz: "Europe Today: Normative Challenges"

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Konferenz: "Europe Today: Normative Challenges"
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July 14 & 15 2016

Konferenz: "Europe Today: Normative Challenges"

Justitia Amplificata Annual Conference

Hosted by the Centre of Advanced Studies "Justitia Amplificata" Goethe University of Frankfurt (funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) 


Cristian Dimitriu, Alasia Nuti, Isaac Taylor


Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Bad Homburg



Cristian Dimitriu (Justitia Amplificata), Luara Ferraccioli (University of Amsterdam), Axel Gosseries (Université Catholique de Louvain), Tamar Meisels (Tel Aviv University), Alasia Nuti (Justitia Amplificata/University of York), James Pattison (University of Manchester), Isaac Taylor (Justitia Amplificata), Gabriel Wollner (Humboldt University Berlin), Lea Ypi (LSE). 

Conference Description 

The guiding idea of the European Union is that more can be achieved by working together than by acting alone. Yet a number of recent challenges call into question Europe’s collective capacity to promote prosperity and justice. Controversies over the terms of migration and the fair distribution of refugees among member-states suggests an isolationist attitude is present in many countries. The disagreements between Greece and its creditors over the terms of sovereign debt repayment is fuelled by the suspicion that the EU is not working for everybody. And many European countries’ reaction to the Syrian civil war has been thought by many to have been inadequate. This conference aims to explore the normative issues underlying these challenges. Topics include: 

  • The EU and Counter-Terrorism in War Zones 

What moral prohibitions apply to states taking military action against terrorist groups? Do the standard principles of just war theory apply to military counter-terrorist operations or do they need to be modified for this "new" type of conflict? Under what circumstances (if any) is targeted killing of known terrorists permissible? Should states concerned with their security provide inducements to actors engaged in foreign conflicts rather than entering them directly? 

  • The EU and Sovereign Debts 

Are states entitled to default on their sovereign debts? If so, under what conditions? What principles should rule sovereign debt restructuring? What are odious debts, and how would a feasible institutional arrangement eradicate them? And why should current generations honour debts incurred by previous ones? What is the connection between sovereign debts, human rights, corruption and complicity? 

  • The EU and Immigration 

Which are the specific challenges in justice in migration faced by the EU today? How should the EU respond to the refugee crisis and, in general, to asylum seekers? Has freedom of movement translated into justice for those European citizens who temporarily or circularly migrate within the EU? And, how should (in)justice in temporary migration within the EU be theorized?  


Thursday July 14th


  13:30-14.00 – Registration/ Welcome Drink



Panel 1: The EU and Counter-Terrorism in War Zones


Chair: Rainer Forst (Co-Director of Justitia Amplificata/Goethe-University Frankfurt)  



14:00-15:00   James Pattison (University of Manchester)

    “Positive Incentives in the Ethics of War and Peace”

           Discussant: Fredrik Hjorthen (University of Gothenburg)



15:00-16:00   Tamar Meisels (Tel Aviv University)


            “Targeting Terror”


            Discussant: Nathan Adams (Justitia Amplificata)



16:00 -16:30    Coffee Break



16:30-17:30   Isaac Taylor (Justitia Amplificata)


            “Just War Theory and the Military Response to Terrorism”


            Discussant: Darrel Moellendorf (Goethe-University Frankfurt)



17:30   End




 Friday July 15th



Panel 2: The EU and Sovereign Debts


Chair: Stefan Gosepath (Co-Director of Justitia Amplificata/ Freie Universität Berlin)



10:00-11:00   Axel Gosseries (Université Catholique de Louvain)


            “Historical Justice, Distributive Concerns and the Jeffersonian Proviso”


            Discussant: Antoinette Scherz (Justitia Amplificata)



11:00-11:30 Coffee Break



11:30-12:30   Cristian Dimitriu (Justitia Amplificata)


            “Agency Law and Odious Debts”


             Discussant: Anahi Wiedenbrug (LSE)



12:30-13:30 Gabriel Wollner (Humboldt University Berlin)


               “Agency, Agreements and Sovereign Debt”


               Discussant: Dimitrios Efthymiou (Justitia Amplificata)



13:30-14:30 - Lunch



Panel 3: The EU and Immigration


Chair: Tamara Jugov (Justitia Amplificata)



14:30-15:30   Lea Ypi (LSE)

            “Real realism about migration"

             Discussant: Melissa Williams (Justitia Amplificata/University of Toronto)

15:30-16:30   Luara Ferracioli (University of Amsterdam)

            “Jus Sanguinis or Jus Paternus? Refugee Children, Citizenship and Exclusion in Europe”

            Discussant:  Eszter Kollár (Goethe University Frankfurt)

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-18:00   Alasia Nuti (Justitia Amplificata/University of York)

            “Temporary Labour Migration within the EU as Structural Injustice”

             Discussant: Andreas Cassee (Free Universität Berlin)



18:00   End



19:00   BBQ at the Forschungskolleg



Attendance of the workshop is free. Registration is required for organization and catering purposes by June 24. Places are limited, and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. In order to register, please contact Ms Valérie Bignon: Bignon@em.uni-frankfurt.de





Eva Erman (Stockholm University)

“Global Political Legitimacy beyond Justice and Democracy?”

Comment: Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)